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DFX 6 Winamp DSP plugin

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  • DFX 6 Winamp DSP plugin

    Has anyone used DFX 6 before?

    I was a bit skeptical at first, but thought I would give it a shot.... and it really does work a treat. Have been using it for about three weeks with my home/work PCs with great results.

    Last night recorded another minidisc of mp3s and decided to give it a shot with DFX and its 'headphone' mode, which is intended to give a better illusion thru headphones of 'front' sound rather than into the side of your ears.

    well listening to it today on the train going to work... WOW! Music sounds so much clearer and defined..... I dont know how it does it, but it great....

    .... of course the next step is to drop it into my mp3car system..
    Project - GAME OVER :(

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    i was using the sonique version for some time. pretty cool but i didn't see fit to reinstall it yet. mind you i'm not sure if it had the same options.. i don't remember seeing headphone optimizaiton.

    hmm just clued into the fact i was running ver 4.. gonna try 6 out now.
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      I have been using DFX since v3, and I love it. I use it both in the car and at home. M.A.V.I.C. System
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        I use DFX v4 on home computer. I tried using v6 but everytime winamp started i had to click "ok" on a pop up box for DFX to start ( something in the box said something about registry?? ). I couldn't run my MP3 player that way because all i use is a Palm to control my system ( no mouse or keyboard to click enter ). I uninstalled v6 then installed v4, same setup as before but "NO" pop up box ever appears. HAS ANYONE ELSE RUN INTO THIS ??

        I do like the way it sounds thou on my home computer but on the P233 (w/32MB Ram) car system it does'nt run the greatest so i don't use it in the car. The specs for it were something like "Min P150mhz" but i had probs. HAS ANYONE ELSE RUN INTO THIS EITHER??
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          yeah i just started using DFX 6 also but in speaker mode, headphone mode sound really **** too me even using headphones, maby i didnt play around with the settings much.

          but i use it on standard settings then i turn off ambience. seems to make more difference if the source is unamped.

          im using koss ksc-35 headphones which really good portable headphones and you should go grap some if you havent as they are discontinued, had to get mine from some guy in U.S.

          DFX its made by pro sound techs, so they really know what they are doing.

          also i just watched josie and the pussycats last night, funny stuff, any brainwashing plugins outthere ?


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            i use DFX 6 in the car and its funny because the mp3 player sounds better than playing cds from the deck, and i am using aux. input. i love it!
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