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  • Climate Control optimization

    I am seriously considering putting a car PC in my 95 E320, for the monitor to fit, I need to remove the climate controlunit, which is set up to be all electronic, controlling vacuum components. I figure I can do the buttons with phidgets, but I need a way to set fan speed and temperature. Currently it has three fan speed options, low, auto and hi; I just want it to be variable, seems easy enough. And the temp. know is just a potentiometer. so basically my question is what can I use to have computer controlled pots.? also, how hard is it to program phidgets and the like? I have read through the other CC threads, but most people seem to need servos and relays, I haven't seen any mention of potentiometers, although it seems easy enough.

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    I had the same problem as you but with my civic. I dont think its that easy simply to add a computer controlled potentiometer and you will have a full climate system. My car had 4 fan speeds and a slider for hot/cold adjustment but I made some hardware and converted it to an automatic climate unit. What I did was use some software to controll the hardware through the usb port and let the hardware take care of the temperature regulation. The good thing about using hardware for this is that if your PC crashes for some reason and you really need to use your climate (demister for eg) it will still operate via a remote.

    One question are any of your climate features cable driven or just buttons, send ,me a pic of your climate and I can give you some ideas.


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        No, everything I would need to control is buttons.the flaps are eliectrically controlled vacuum pods. I linked to an auction of the CC unit out of the car, same as mine. It has two big plugs, one on each side going into it, but for what I want to do, I don't think that they would all be necessary.