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  • jump to winamp plugin?

    I have had my mp3 player going in my car for almost a year now.. Using an Intel 233, 32mb ram, win 98 se.
    I was using a num pad with the jump to plug-in to control the tracks. About a week ago my 2 gig Maxtor hd finally died and I went out and got a brand new western digital 40 giger. Iíve got just about everything up and running but I downloaded the jump to plug-in again and now it takes about 2 min to jump to tracks near the end of my playlist, where before it was instant whatís going on ? Is there a new version that even worse or takes more resources? Anyway if someone could please email me the old plug-in [email protected] it would be greatly appreciated.


    or if there is a good alternative to control winamp with the num pad that would be good too, just Iíve already learned all the jump to controls already ..

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    I have two ideas for what might be going wrong:

    1.) winamp is trying to read the ID3 info and track length for the songs that are in your playlist there by bogging things down a bit.

    2.) darn.. there was a 2 but i think i forgot it :/


    1.) set winamp to not read the track info

    2.) [email protected]#! grr..
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      use the plugin on this page

      much better written