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  • Anyone got software?

    Theres a lot of people here who have written their own software to drive their players that all looks very proffessional, but none seems to be available. I dont have time to finish my own software right now, and want to get the player finished. Has anyone out there got any software they could donate?
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    Mine is on my website in a downloadable source form (and has been for ages). A dos port of mpg123 with T6963 display driver and ess1869 sound driver. Replacing the display and/or sound driver is easy (I have since written an 44780 driver).

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      Free source and compiled versions of mine are posted on my website. I haven't spent much time documenting its features, but would be willing to if people want it. (just need to clear my schedule)
      VB interface to Winamp - outputs to a serial port MO display - numeric keypad interface.
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        PatO: how do you output to MO from vb?
        I'm currently using the speech api to go trough the playlists I need bc I listen to only to 10 playlists and I have got them all on the remote but now I'm going to buy a MO and I want to output to it from my program and not just from winamp so I can search songs, change playlists, ...

        Status: I still need to get some money to buy the inverter.