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    Hello. I'm currently using winamp to play my mp3's through a laptop in my car (interfacing with the AUX in on my head unit). I control it using WIRC via a Packard Bell IR remote hooked to the serial port which outputs to a Crystalfontz 40x2 parallel LCD.

    I've got the software to display song names and so forth, but I was wondering if there's anything available that will either allow me to use a remote to navigate through the "Open Directory" or through a playlist folder, AND DISPLAY THE CURRENT HIGHLIGHTED SELECTION ON THE LCD so that I don't have to have the laptop open when changing playlists or directories. I'd also need the remote to be able to scroll up and down through the list and then be able to select the file/directory/playlist. Any ideas? I'm willing to use a different remote if necessary, and different LCD driver software (as long as it supports parallel LCDs), but not a different decoder. Thanks in advance.

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    Marcus Zehnders plugin roxx, IMO

    dunno if lorty supports serial, just check
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