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Winamp opens over RRunner

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  • Winamp opens over RRunner

    Software problem: Wehn starting Road Runner, it will launch Winamp, but Winamp stays maximized in front of rrunner. help?

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    at a guess your using one of the latest versions of winamp.. you can right click on it on the taskbar and make it stay hidden, or my advice would be to go and download winamp 2.95 which works flawlessly and has a smaller cpu usage than the newer versions

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      Had the same problem. If using winamp 2.95, uncheck "always on top" in the winamp options settings then run RRconfig and check "hide winamp" (or something like that)
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        you can also get winamp not to display the main interface, so it only sits in the task bar. just untick the main interface tick.
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          On reason i reckon that winamp 5.x is better than winamp 2.95 is the random algorithm is actually random!

          for the past month i have had the same starting point, and get a different song every time. With my first carPC install (many moons ago) i had a headless win95 box running through a playlist on random, and it would play in the same order every time. That was running winamp 2.95


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            This is a great site to DL old verisions of most any good app for free and no ads..
            Ive been using it for years.
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              Doesn't winamp 5 keep it's location saved in registry for the next time it runs? So, if you minimize it to the taskbar, close it, then open up RR, winamp will know to go to the taskbar. At least that's what I've experienced.


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                run RRConfig.exe and check "hide winamp". Done. Dont matter what version of winamp ur running.
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                  setting winamp hidden in RR didn't stop 2.95 showing over RR on my system either.

                  Had to disable winamps interface from Winamps own preferences...
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