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  • winamp locking up


    My mp3 system has been locking up recently. The computer will freeze and the sound will loop from the last 2 seconds played.

    I've done a fresh install of Windows98 followed by an install of the free version of 98lite to remove IE. I'm using a normalizing plug in and the plugin supplied by the makers of the IRMan which doesn't seem all that reliable in the first place (used to crash winamp on my desktop machine, skips around when switching playlists, and the jump to song feature doesn't seem complete. You can't press the same button twice in succession.)

    Does anyone know what could be causing the problems?

    It's a PentiumII 233 system with 32MB RAM and a Sound Blaster Live! Value.

    I'd do more trouble shooting but it's such a hassle to disconnect everything and bring it inside. I do know that when I do have it in to add songs (until I get some mobile racks) winamp is very crash-prone while playing. I'll leave it play but when I come up to it to change settings or edit the id3 tag, it'll freeze the computer. I have to pause it first.

    Actually, now that I think about it. The problems in car may be due to heat. It's been getting warmer around here and I only have the stock heatsink/fan combo hooked up.

    Any ideas?

    -Joe DeStazio

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    well you MAY have answered your own question considering the IRman plugin

    Have you tried running the system for a while with out winamp up? Have you tried uninstalling the plugins?

    It's entirely possibly your memory has gone sour.. or some other bit of hardware.

    I would try disabling some plugins and if that doesn't do it see how well the system runs under burdens other than winamp.. if it's still crashing you've probably got a dodgy cpu or memory. If it clears up the answer should be obvious.
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      well, I was hoping it wasn't the IRman plug in because I kinda need it to use the system in the car...

      I've tried looking for newer versions and I remember seeing some new betas but I lost the site.

      I'm looking into CobraII but without any screen whatsoever as of yet, it may be a little difficult it get working. I'm sure ABCD is using a similar plugin with winamp to allow remote control.

      If it is the plugin, are there any reliable alternatives?


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        Not the answer you're looking for, but try a packard bell remote with girder(.nl). The remotes only $8 last i checked, and can be had here:

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          Why use a PB remote when he has IRman? IRman works with any remote and you can still use Girder or IRAssistant. VidarXT, I am sure you wouldn't want Cobra2, C3 or C4 (when it is released) would be better. And Cobra doesn't use a plugin with Winamp, IR commands are controlled by Cobra itself. My reccomendation is to figure out exactly what is causing it to lock up, then if it is the Winamp plugin, try IRAssistant (I had no problem using it with IRMan).
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            a process of elimination is the way to approach this problem, keep eliminating components until things get stable... even if the components are required for the car system, they still aint no good for ya if they dont work!

            it could be hardware too.... not winamp tho, its a pretty stable application and has done the rounds now for a few years, so the code is pretty tight and efficient I would say...

            best of luck.
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