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Visual Basic 6 MPlayer class

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  • Visual Basic 6 MPlayer class

    Create a new form, in main section of the form write:

    Public WithEvents MPlayerWin As MPlayerFork

    and in form load:

    Set MPlayerWin = New MPlayerFork
    MPlayerWin.Init 8192, 250, MPVideoPanel
    MPlayerWin.MPQuitDelay = 2000

    MPVideoPanel is the picturebox where mplayer draw video

    You also need redirect.dll, you can find it on

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    Thanks for creating this class... it is just what I was looking for but... I tried to do as you suggested to see how it works and immediately received a type error with the declaration MPAudioTrack As Vector. Vector is not recognized by my VB 6 as a data type. Did you have your own type definition elsewhere? I tried changing the type just to see if the project would run at all and immediately received another error: WithEvents MPlayerStdHID As RedirectLib.Application. I am assuming this has to do with the redirect.dll that we are supposed to have. Unfortunately, the link you gave does not go to that dll.

    Sorry because I think you have done some good work. (I apologize for not writing in Italian)



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      More on mplayer windows class

      Hi again.... it is a few years later and I am still interested in using your class for mplayer.exe. You never replied to me about either the declaration of something as vector, which VB6 does not support or an alternate location for redirect.dll and what it is needed for. I hope you are around. I see you are still posting on other parts of mp3ar.



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        Sorry if I've never answered but I do not read often I do not know where you can find the dll because it was not my work. The post is very old and I no longer use vb6 but I switched to. net.

        I can see in my old sf project page, in package there are all dll you need to use MPlayer with VB6.


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          Thanks so much for this.



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            For the love of god, don't use VB6 for ANYTHING :P If you have to use visual basic, use
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              Wow this is great, any chance of adding an equalizer?