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    Would like to know if anyone has tried to use ObjectDock Plus as a frontend.
    How is the performance, I am rigging up a EPIA MII 12000 base system.


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    um... object dock is just a small toolbar at the top of the screen... with icons that get bigger if you scroll over them.

    this means two bad things...

    1) its a small toolbar at the top of a screen, not a front end.


    2) you dont scroll with a touch screen
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      while you cant use ObjectDock as a frontend it is a very nice app launcher for your caputer. You need to get ObjectDock Plus that includes tabbed docks that you dont have to mouse over small icons. The tabdocks flyout when you click on them. perfect for touchscreens. Ive been using it in the car since it came out. The coolest part about it is, you have much better access to any icons in your system tray as the icons show up in a tray and are as big as you want them to be. The only app i know of that solves this problem.

      The performace is great but i also have a real video card in my car, not sure how a via based board will take to it. There are performance options to turn off hardware accel and use less memory etc.
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