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  • Dos uir help

    Basically, I can't get the uir (compliments of mastero) to work in dos. It works fine in windows using drcs. I do have to change the speed to 57600 and check the "use ir/ok protocol" box. I tried mpxplay, ir2pc, and mpxf. The all basically say can't find/initialize serial port.
    Anybody still use dos and can help me out? I am so close to being done with the player.

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    Re: Dos uir help

    the IRman MUST run at 9600bps on the COM port, no more - no less....

    what DOS software are u trying to use?
    Project - GAME OVER :(


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      Right now I'm trying to get irdos to work.

      Is the 9600 a limitation in dos or something? The uir doesn't work at 9600 in windows so I assumed I would have to change it to 57600 in dos as well. This isn't an option though (no ini files for irdos).
      This one tells me it's installing and waiting for ir modul...does nothing after that. Locks up the system as well.


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        Please, can anyone help me?