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vb6 and direct x

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  • vb6 and direct x

    I remember someone saying not to use media play ocx for mp3 software because SQ sucks. Has anyone tried directx instead? I made one with the media player ocx and now I an revamping to direct x. Any thoughts?

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    I assume directx would just use the WMP libraries. Remote winamp is your best bet. WMP purposefully degrades the quality of MP3s, so that's why you shouldn't use it. Yea for Microsoft.
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      Actually I think it uses the Active Movie Libraries which is the quartz.dll file. At least thats what I read.


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        directx is just the method of getting the sound output stream to your PC's hardware, or a way of controlling GFX/3D for video cards, it has nothing to do with the decompression of mp3 audio...

        For example, I use the directX crossfading output plugin with winamp, the 'Nitrane' mp3 engine does the decoding of the mp3's and the winamp output plugin handles the sound output to the sound card....

        like Gutter said, winamp gives a much better sound output than windows media player...
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          The older Windows Media Player (uh, 6x and below) doesn't seem to have any ill effect on MP3s...I still have a copy, if you need it.
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            If you look carefully wmp 6 should still be on your system.. I'm at work on a mac right now (bleck) so I can't tell you the exact file name but it's something along the lines of mplayer2.exe

            I was having some trouble with my divx files in the newest wmp that came with xp pro.. my friend pointed out that if I looked wmp6 was hidden away on the system... and it was!
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              Aaron, Shinkuno, I tried WMP 5.1 and 6.4 that I got from It caused the same distortion that the newest version of WMP does.

              If I were to start working on my program again, I think I'd get rid of Winamp and use mpxplay or the dos version of mpg123. When I switch songs from my program using Winamp, it freezes for a few seconds before advancing. The music doesn't stop, but the animated graphics stop and it's because one of the calls to Winamp just hangs. So look into mpxplay or mpg123 as an option, too.
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