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  • Dragon winamp commands

    has anyone already written all the advanced commands for winamp in dragon naturally speaking 6? It looks like it wouldn't be too hard to do, but it would take a while. If anyone already has the code for the advanced commands for winamp and would like to share, I would really appreciate it.


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    noone uses dragon natually speaking? or none of you have taken the time to make the custom advanced commands??


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      Dont you get it that voice command in the car is NOT ideal. There are alot of factors that you need to considered inorder to get it to work. If you search, you would have seen that we have discussed this in great detail in the past.
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        working or not

        there are about equal numbers of people that say it works or won't work. that's close enough for me to give it a try. and as the software gets more mature, the performance will only get better, even in a car.


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          I tried using Voodoo Voice winamp plugin in my car and I'll tell ya it really sucked because of all of the road noise in my malibu...BUT...I have reduced it dramatically by :
          1. Not spending ridiculous amounts of money on Dynamat, but rather covering the inside of my doors and footwell areas with Rubber-coating spray; also called "rubberized undercoating" You have to spray it on really thick to get the same damping effect as dynamat, but I'll tell you it really does work. Cost me about $7

          2. Go to Lowe's or home depot and get sound-proofing insulation. I think the stuff I got is Kraft-faced R11 insulation made for attics and basements in soundproofing. It's about 3" thick when you compress it down, and it really makes your doors sound nice and tight when they close, as well as blocks much of the outside noise. Cost me $14 for enough to do 4 doors.


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            <---- convertable

            I don't think soundproofing a convertable will work too well