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    I am writing my own front-end and have come up with a small problem.

    I was originally designing my pages at a resolution of 1024 x 768. It looks fine on my computer screen, but when I buy my 7 inch lilliput touchscreen (which has a ratio 16:9) my screen will look stretched, won't it?

    Would it be best to design my screen layouts at something like 1024 x 576 (ratio 16:9) and then make my forms in Visual Basic Maximize to the screen size. Therefore making it look correct on a Lilliput?

    What do you think, or what has everyone else done, as I know the Lilliput is one of the most popular screens for CarPCs?
    ViVE - Volkswagen In Van Entertainment:

    VoomPC 2, VIA C7 2GHz
    7" Lilliput
    120Gb Sata drive
    1GB RAM

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