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Winamp/Girder Remote Jump to Song Numbers

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  • Winamp/Girder Remote Jump to Song Numbers

    Can someone point me in the right direction on this question: How can I configure winamp 2.80 so that I can just punch in 3 digit numbers for songs on my PB Fastmedia remote for a playlist? I'm using Girder as my IR driver. I've tried using a Winamp Car Controller plugin that assigns a numpad sequence to a song then having the remote integrated into that with Girder but its extremely buggy. It seems like an easy task but I can't figure it out and haven't found it on this forum.

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    Bind one key to J and target winamp, which will bring up the jump menu, and also have it focus on the text box (* maybe?). bind the approprite keypad numbers (0-9) on the remote to the corresponding numbers (0-9), so you can type the numbers in, and then bind enter/return to a key (# maybe?). Should work in theory.

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      No I don't see how that would work, winamp does not let you pick the song by the number off the playlist from the jump menu unless you have the filename or id3 title also numbered and thats a pain. I did a search on the winamp forum and came up with winamp jumper plugin but thats a separate app and just adds more instability and boot time. Plus its also buggy.

      So I did further research and came up with stuff that went over my head. Apparently there is a WM_USER Messages command that goes something like this

      int ret=SendMessage(hwndWinamp,WM_USER, data, id);
      121 Sets the playlist position to the position specified in tracks in 'data'.

      I do know that Girder does let you send those kinds of commands but I'm not a programmer so I have no clue what to do now cause I'm afraid it'll crash winamp. I'll keep looking on the Girder and Winamp forums and let you know how it goes.

      Ideally what I would like to do is have my remote have a key that loads the entire playlist and punch in the number of the song. Alternately, I press another key and it goes into load playlist mode where I can now control the Album List plugin and pick a genre playlist such as rock or techno or whatever. Yeah, I'm sure there's an easier way (Cobra?) but thats what suits my cheap system. I'm off now to become a Girder expert.....


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        I wold also like to know how this is done because I have winamp and have a car plug in that makes it easy (kinda like the one on this site) + 556 + to go to play #