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    I am thinking about setting up a lan of XPs and a linux server or two.

    One linux box is the dedicated firewall, and this other does this:

    For any of the XP boxes, they should boot for LAN, whether by using a optical disc, floppy, or by using the mother boards native LAN boot option,

    once connected to the linux image server, it should be able to image the harddriver into a image file and then ftp it to the linux server for safe keeping.

    At a later date when a reinstall is wanted, lan boot, and then image the hard drive back from the image server.

    How do i do this ?

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    This isn't the forum to ask, man.
    We're all about putting computers in cars here, not setting up image hosting servers.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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