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Using Freephone wit N73? Anyone?

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  • Using Freephone wit N73? Anyone?

    Hi guys.
    Just downloaded the Freephone 1.3, as it seems very useable.
    I just can't get it to work! I have a Nokia N73 phone, and has set it up to the computer trough my bluetooth adapter!
    I have changed the settings, to fit my system, and have choosed the right com-port (as far as I know), but it just keep saying "trying to connect, please wait"...and nothing else happends!

    Have any of you tried it with the specific phone?

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    I have had some success in setting upp the N80. Had to change the com port a couple of times before I got it right. Calling out was no problem. Also think I got the battery level. Didnt manage to hangup or answer incoming phonecalls.
    Seems the Nokia phones are a bad choice for this program so far. Maybe it is just a matter of changing the setup.
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      Thank you for the reply!
      What did you do in the settup, to get it to work? I have tried a lot of different settings, and it still does'nt work!
      And which kind of bluetooth connection sre you using?