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sp13000 temperature monitoring

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  • sp13000 temperature monitoring

    I've searched around and it seems that nobody really knows what to use to monitor sp13000 temps. I'm a complete noob when it comes to this kind of stuff, so please lay it easily on me if I sound slow here...

    Anyways, I tried using MBM and SpeedFan and both have wildly different estimates on temps :

    CPU reads 27 idle on MBM and 40 idle on SF, then 47 loaded on MBM and 48 loaded on SF, so it's not some exact difference.
    Meanwhile the motherboard temps do report an exact difference of 12-13, which doesn't really change on load...

    In any event, I found HMonitor ( which states they actually support the sp13000 (speedfan and MBM do not, speedfan figured out the temps on its own while I told MBM I was using a M10K), of which I have no idea how to skin, so I tried to figure out if there was some specific difference in the temperatures that I could tack onto speedfan's reporting or something, yet I had similar problems as with MBM (differences in temps this time ranged from 1C to 8C, where SF estimated HIGH while idle and LOW while under load). I have attached a graph showing the CPU temp's trend the same, but not identically... Does anybody know what could be going on here/how to fix speedfan??
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    Anybody??? What would make these different??