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  • Jerky DVD Playback

    Motherboard: EPIA M10000 (VIA Eden™ EBGA processor, 1.0GHz, 1GB RAM)
    Panasonic UJ - 845 - S DVD/CD ROM drive (on IDE 2)
    Pheonix Bios 1.16 (and latest chipset drivers)
    Integrated VIA Unichrome AGP graphics with MPEG-2 Accelerator
    7 port external USB hub
    PS2 keyboard and mouse
    Dell monitor (at the moment)

    The problem I've run into is that WinDVD playback is somewhat jerky, and it appears as though the HD is being accessed constantly when a DVD is being played.

    I've played around with BIOS settings as best I can: AGP aperture is 128MB, Frame Buffer is 64M, and this seems to give the best results.

    When I look into Task Manager, WinDVD is using 95+% of CPU and PF useage goes from 128MB to 240MB. Mem useage is c53MB

    I tried the same DVD on my Dell laptop (1.4GHz, 512MB RAM, and an NVideo graphics with 32MB RAM) winDVD was using about 40-50% with 20k Mem useage.

    I tried using MediaPlayerClassic (from the RoadRunner skin) and that was even worse.

    What else can I try to make playback smooth and reduce CPU load?


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    sounds like for some reason your not using your MPEG accelerator. That said I am really surprised MPC gives you worse playback than windvd as I have always found it to use less resources than anything else. Is this a proper XP build or is it a striped out version?
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      Its a new, full, XP SP2 install, with only a few services disabled (currently running with 38 services).

      I've got hardware acceleration enabled in Windows (when I disabled this, I got no DVD playback at all) and I found the hardware acceleration in winDVD and enabled that.

      Now its running at about 65% CPU with 62-63k Mem usage. A lot better, but I think I'm missing something somewhere.


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        After searching and searching and searching I did find a couple of things to read through, ( was about the best).

        Tried it - didn't work.

        I tried deleting the mpc and mplayerc.ini files as suggested, but they just got re-created when I restarted MPC in RR. (PS - I think there is a setting in MPC that recreates the .ini file, so maybe with a bit more time and playing around I might get that to work - from what I can see this is basically a way to force MPC to use hardware acceleration that isn't a standard setting in the Options)

        By getting rid of the AC3 audio filter, MPC refused to even start, so I had to go back into it and reset the AC3 audio filter.

        BUT, with just the AC3 audio filter in place, MPC does work smoothly in RR. Its still using 60-70% of the CPU, but its working, which was the main thing.


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          I Had the same problem, I installed a codec pack as a last resort and that worked, don't know if it'll work for you, it did for me