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Are the WIDDCOM bluetooth drivers legal?

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  • Are the WIDDCOM bluetooth drivers legal?

    Hi folks!
    I need the WIDDCOM drivers for my bluetooth dongle, to get it to work with "bluetooth audio" and such! I have searched the net trough, but I just can't find any official site with these drivers! But at many sites I'v found links for some driver-packs at rapidshare, and such sites!
    Therefore I really would like to know, if these drivers are legal, and if they are, why they are'nt available at "official" sites!

    Thank you...

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    They are legal but it's normally down to the hardware manufacturer of your bluetooth dongle to wether they use them or not. Some manufacturers decide to use them and others use the Windows drivers. It also depends on your OS. I have a bluetooth dongle that works on my mac but does not support the audio profile. I can download the WIDDCOM drivers for Win XP but that doesn't help me on the Mac side!

    Best to check the website of your manufacturer. D-Link for example will supply the WIDDCOM drivers for some dongles.
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      OK! Thank you very much! Then I'll give it a try, and hoping that it'll solve the problem I have using "FreeFone"!