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Windows XP's On Screen Keyboard.

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  • Windows XP's On Screen Keyboard.

    Some of you might find Windows XP's On Screen Keyboard useful.

    Here is a picture of it in action:
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    Accessories -> Accesibility -> On Screen Keyboard for older versions of windows. You have to have the accesibilty features installed of course. Takes up like 5mb i think.
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      start -> run -> osk.exe


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        >>You have to have the accesibilty features installed of course.<<

        I have mine without those features ( XP Pro German) but it's not mentioned under assecorys.
        But the exe's exists in windows\system32 folder as
        osk.exe - OS Keyboard
        narrator.exe - Think is that the pc reads thext ( never tried it )
        There are also DVDplay , Progman.exe (oldwin3.11-sytle)and a .exe called OSuninstall ? maybe if u get rid of winxp u can know uninstall it

        OSK rulez - tried it few times on "mini"keyboard design . Think i'll not put a keyboard in my car or only one o f those plastic silicone ones. ( don't know how its called in englich)

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          See that....I went to all the trouble of programming my own!


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