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Windows Vista and Speach Recognition

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  • Windows Vista and Speach Recognition

    been using Windows vista at home on two fairly usless pcs for a few months now, (vista beta) and am wondering whether to try it for car pc applications

    ive read the other thread about it which alot of people say its slow. but i run it on two old machines with no problems the system seems fairly good at adjusting its settings for what your computer is capable of.

    anyway i was tying out the voice feature of vista the other day writing some word documents with it and so on, and actually it works really well for this.

    however using the desktop with it (on the betta) is far from easy it always does things you dont want it to do.

    but it does interest me for use in a car pc.

    basically when you calibrate the voice control the voice unit is listning for specific commands so if you said start all programs notepad or run notepad it would ignore you and listen for only the words that were relivant to its calibration i.e. hello etc.

    it makes me wonder if the voice recognition program can be cut down to only listen for certain commands like play stop next track play albam "albam name"

    and also maybe adding in some kind of feature responses like playing or which song would you like to play

    surly something like this is pretty feasable on the vista platform if not with media center with something like road runner etc

    anyone seen any information on this ?

    will gladly answer any question people have about vista if they havent eally seen it yet

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    Vista uses XML based commands for control any program.

    Look into MSDN for tons of examples in C# or VB


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      The speech recognition functionaility of XP (SAPI 5.1) is actually pretty good. I've been working with it to create a plugin that will play a song if you tell it the artist and song name. (Problem is, most CarPC frontents don't have the "play this song/playlist" functionality in their SDK) It's right most of the time and I haven't done any more than the required speech training.


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        NaviVoice uses the SAPI SDK. You guys can browse around the source code. And yes, the speech recognition works with a XML file.
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