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  • CarPC Ipod Integration

    I just want to bounce an idea off everyone... there might be a cleaner way to accomplish this, so if you have an idea please toss it out there!

    Currently I have a TomTom GO 910 in my truck. It has an Ipod interface cable that connects to it, so you can plug the Ipod in and have full control of it on the TomTom touch screen. My only complaint about this setup is that the Ipod doesn't charge while connected to this cable (though it does use the dock connector on the bottom of the Ipod - not the headphone jack).

    In planning to install my CarPC I have been thinking about how I can reproduce as much of this setup as possible. It is a handy setup to have, particularly if a passenger in the vehicle happens to have an Ipod handy with some music not on the CarPC. The cable of course is easy - just use the USB cable that comes with the Ipod. Right there you get the added benefit of charging while it is connected.

    The trouble comes in software. I'd rather not have iTunes involved at all in a CarPC scenario. It is fairly resource hungry and the interface is no good for a 7" touch screen. Of course Media Player / Media Center won't natively recognize the music on the Ipod. I'm thinking of a couple options:

    1) A custom application used in conjunction with StreetDeck.
    2) xPlay, which sounds like it will allow that missing link between the Ipod and Media Center / Media Player

    Bottom line is I want something quick and easy - something where a passenger can just plug the Ipod in and the computer is ready to play it with some simple way to navigate the content.

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    seeing as how this is not really car audio related, but rather software related I'm going to move this.

    You seem to already be aware that StreetDeck utilizes the iPod control functionality so no need to go any further explaining it.

    Good luck.
    Jan Bennett
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      this should be easily achievable if your using a decent front end ie road runner.

      You can browse the mp3 on the ipod just like a harddrive, and just select all the mp3s to play, that way you can use the car pc to select the tracks

      check the road runner forums,theres plenty of info/advice in there
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