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USB/IS2 to Multi-channel DAC (8 channels NOT 7.1) driver support needed

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  • USB/IS2 to Multi-channel DAC (8 channels NOT 7.1) driver support needed

    Maybe some of you briliant software people can help out.

    If you want the history on this subject, be prepared to read through two long threads.
    Software for Audio Tuning
    Audio over USB

    Otherwise I will try to fill you in if you have questions.

    We need to figure out how to take a USB communication chip (for example a TUSB3200) and a few stereo DAC chips such as PCM1794 and get them to communciate to each other via I2S. We are not looking at making a 7.1 soundcard but rather a simple USB external DAC the passes bit perfect audio via ASIO.

    I wish I could clarify this statement better, but I am still learning the lingo. The TUSB3200 needs driver support so you gurus might be able to help us here.

    This is something a few of us audio gurus are looking for:

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    If you look at the first block diagram, that is what we need. The first block is the TUSB3200 although we are unsure if it will work because it is USB 1.1. We need to be able to route the 8 channels of audio in a program called Console, to the 4 stereo DAC chips PCM1794.
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      There are plenty of 2 channel stereo DAC's out there becasue they are easy. You don't have to code anything if you use the right chip (PCM2707). However, we need the USB chip to show up as multi-channels. That is why there needs to be software integration. This would be the first ever multichannel USB DAC. I challenge you to find one if you don't believe me. So please help our community develop this.
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        just a nice article about "bit perfection" :


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          Good read. The last couple paragraphs I guess is what we are up against. Not to mention the current DACs available are still only 2 channel. We need 8.
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