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    Hi there everyone!

    Nice to meet you all, I am kiwiuser and intend to be hanging round here for a while so thought I would introduce myself.

    I am a software engineer and are looking to build up a new front end.

    It looks like there has been heaps of work done out there already and I was looking to tap into those ideas before I proceeded.

    Do you guys know of any Delphi coded front ends that I can be nosey through the source code of? I am interested in seeing how other people have gone about things and are trying to do as much research as possible.

    This is a great community by the way, well done on everyone who participates for making it what it is!

    Any help, links e.t.c would be greatly appreciated.



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    hahaha Delphi rocks. Media cruiser was written in delphi, and I code in delphi too.
    Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p


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      I am glad to see someone else using Delphi. I have been playing with Delphi for the last few months. I have a Frontend that I wrote in Delphi. It is not anywhere near the caliber of some of those I have seen, but it works for me.
      There are somethings I want to do, but don't have the time to spend that I'd like.

      I want to do XM radio control in Delphi, currently I use a VB program that I import to my Delphi Frontend.

      I am not satisfied with some parts of looks, so I am currently playing with this tool:

      I've only used it a couple of days, but for someone who has no graphic skills it is a simple way to dress things up a little.

      Is there any particular area you are wanting to find out about?



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        Mine written in delphi too looked like this (lcd was supposed to replace the internal rearview mirror):

        Early stage of dev

        Now it looks like :

        Speedtrap(poi) warner, first design

        New design

        Long range display ( roughly 10 km radius, Paris is crowded with speedtraps)
        Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p


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          as an option, all my plugins were done by Delphi
          and some of the code were opened


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            What plugins were they dragon?


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              Media Player for Delphi

              There has not been a lot of activity on this subject. But I do have a question, has anyone been able to control Windows Media player or some other media player from Delphi?

              I am still working on my frontend using Tmediaplayer, but it is not the greatest and was wondering if anyone has any Delphi code for Windows Media Player or Jet media player.

              Thanks, Walt


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                Use BASS, probably your best bet;
                Have had it running in my Delphi frontend for over 2 years.
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                  Have a look at cAVe Live, 100% Delphi. I also wrote my own frontend (personal use for the moment) and CPCTuner (HQCT software) in Delphi. I use FMOD as an mp3 engine. I can even send you a Delphi component I wrote to work with FMOD, it has all normal player functions but also mixing capabilities.
                  My frontend is build around several separate applications that connect to a server (main control app) via IP sockets. In this way Windows does the multitasking and users can write/use apps that are developed in another programming language without having to struggle with DLL calls between VB, C#, C++ and Delphi all working in a different way. Also different developers can work/debug on different apps without having to wait for another to finish his part. I can think of a lot of advantages in this setup. Only thing is that we need to define 1 standard protocol description and thats it. (more or less )

                  Let me know if you're interested.



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                    hi, im a software engineer too. iv got delphi under my belt. i wrote a windows media player controler( just simulates keyboard shortcuts tho) i dont have much time unfortunatly. i would like to use a db vir odbc for the libary(iv written the delphi class) and use openml or something to play tracks. with directX as the front end. and maybe incorperate app atachment like in CF


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                      Originally posted by Rowan View Post
                      Use BASS, probably your best bet;
                      Have had it running in my Delphi frontend for over 2 years.
                      in bass can you send a pointer to a file,( as in in memory) as to set your own buffer size or do you simply send a file handle.


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                        I too am a Delphi developer if anyone wants to get a collaberation together and start a Delphi based front-end. I am more than willing to offer what time I have.



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                          Count me in too, been working solely with Delphi for about 8 months now.

                          I have a lot of experience with Database programming and custom components. Never being satisfied with any front end so far, I'd like to combine all the good features of current front ends into a FAST, clean piece of software.


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                            I think the most important part of programming a front end is a good solid look. Thats mainly what determines if it is a "solid" (read commerical) front end or not. Is there anyone here that is good at graphics design and a solid prioritized design plan. Anyone else interested? Chime up here.