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  • Need help XMLHTPP

    Hi Guys,

    I working on adapting the GPSGAS module in ROADRUNNER to be more adaptive and be able to provide its functionality outside the States.
    As I live in Belgium i'm testing with a website that provides more or less
    up to date data:
    If you fill out "9000" in the input box in the top left form and click "Zoeken" (Search) it will provide the prices of "Diesel" in
    the Gent/Ghent (Belgium) Regio.
    The prices you see on the bottom left are the official maximum prices as imposed by the Belgian goverment, the prices in
    the middle column are the ones that practice a lower price then the maximum.
    The link provided in each line (as seen below) is in fact a form which gets the complete information for the fuel station which
    I might need to access. Esso - Esso Snack & Shop Meto Bvba 0,980 €/L

    The line that looks like the one below also contains a form that returns a list of the fuelstations that use the maximum prices.
    Er zijn 8 tankstations die passen de officiŽle prijs toe, in 9000 Gent. Klik hier!

    The main problem at the moment is that its uses several forms each with its own submit on the same page, so I'm looking for guidance in how to address those individually with a xmlhttp call from vb6.

    If you need any additional info, test data etc feel free to ask.
    If anyone needs a version for their country, let me know but also try to
    1) A lists of all zipcode and the names of the places for you town, preferably
    with their gps long/lat pair
    2) A website that provides gas prices for the different fuel stations in your

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    I'm looking for the this if you find something. Sorry I couldn't help,