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VB.Net Frontend - Skin Tutorial? and which method for media playback?

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  • VB.Net Frontend - Skin Tutorial? and which method for media playback?

    Ok I am wanting to create a custom frontend for myself to suit my needs and wants...

    I am going to write it in VB.Net, as i have done a fair bit of programming in it before for projects at work.

    But i have never done a skinned application, so i was wondering if anyone could point me to a decent tutorial on skinning for (using a xml file and images for the skin)

    And also i haven't had to do anything with media play back before (i played briefly with WMP in VB6). So i see there is various methods for media play back... some use Bass.DLL, some use WinAMP, others use WMP... which is the best way? I am thinking Bass.dll might be the best but if anyone has any experience with these that would be good

    Ok I am going to bed now, I am sick and stuffed!

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    My other thread got locked cause i asked some worng questions... anyway I am also wanting to use Destinator 6 in my frontend, does anyone know if this is possible without buying the SDK? I see FreeDrive 2.0 (in testing) and DestiPlus are using D6... does anyone know how to do it? (legally of couse... )


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      How to use it:

      where to get it:

      I have neveer used it, and the last update seems to be from 2001.

      please remeber google is your friend.