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VB.Net WMP - can i pull the ID3 tags from WMP

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  • VB.Net WMP - can i pull the ID3 tags from WMP

    I am developing some software, I am using the WMP control in VB.Net I can get music playing in VB.Net with the WMP control. What I am wondering is can i pull the MP3 ID3 tags and WMA Info Tags from the WMP control? Or do i need to write my own "reader" to read the header info?

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    I vaguely remember doing some stuff for a similar purpose. From what I can recall I avoided even trying to pull directly from WMP and used a mp3 file class I found on the net that you could simply pass a filename to the constructor and it would read the id3 info. There is a bunch of examples of this around, if you can't find one I will dig it out...
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      It's been a while since I used the WMP control but I remember being able to pull all that stuff really easily. Check the documentation on MSDN and the sample player that comes with the control.


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        I've used the WMP method for pulling ID3 info, but I hated its operation... It's been a while since I've used it, but I just remember I hated it.

        As for an easy/cheap method, the Windows metadata is very easy, using OLEobjects (shell, folder, folderitem)... Look up GetDetailsOf( ) on MSDN.
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