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Integrating GPS software into a C# program

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  • Integrating GPS software into a C# program

    Hello everyone,
    I recently planned out a project that requires gps to be integrated with my program. I decided to go with C# because I've been programming with C++ in a command line environment for the past 2 years and I read that C# is much better for GUI programming.

    Coding my own gps program would be too difficult. Although I do know how to receive co-ordinates from the gps device, the actual mapping is what I am afraid of. So I think it'd be best to integrate gps software such as iGuidance.

    All i need is for it to be in a panel within my main panel. Also, I need it to give directions from current gps location to an address stored in a database. I am unsure if iGuidance can accept these arguments while running.

    Any info on the matter would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


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    What I did is run the GPS program and then put a transparent window on top of part of the GPS window. that way I can still get to my app and have full screen gps at the same time. I actually own a license to Centrafuse with nav., I just never use it.

    I change the opacity of the window when I want to see it. I use CoPilot for nav and I just got a newer version and the window I built needs to be moved. I just thought of a clever way to do it.

    My app is in VB but you can do the same thing in C#.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.



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      Hey thanks for the quick feedback! That's a great idea. Let me just clarify that I understand what you mean. Lets say My resolution is 800x600 and I want a 320x240 panel where the nav software should be. I guess I would have to have the nav sized perfectly for it to fit in, and have my program always on top, correct? How would I go about positioning the nav window in the correct position everytime it starts? Also, would I be able to send arguments from my program to the nav program? I have a database of customers and my program will display their addresses, I want to have a button "Directions To" that will take my current gps position and give me directions to their address. I currently have iGuidance 3, but I can get other software if it will make this task easier.

      Once again thanks for the help,


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        Found an answer! SendKeys!

        Heres a couple links to check out:


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          Gps Coding Info

          Hi, at this link you can find more info about GPS, parsing NMEA string and example code.