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  • OK here's the page it can be done!!!

    i know somebody out there can do this!!!

    in my SUV i have a stock usb port that is for an ipod or if u have MP3's on a thumbdrive you can plug that into there and the stock radio reads it.... cool i know!!! anyways for ipod wise the stock radio also controls the ipod if i hit track forward or back or what ever it sends a signal to the ipod to do those functions(standard I know). well my idea is this. have some type of software or emulator that makes the stock radio see your carputer as an IPOD. so that when it I hit pause,track forward, play or what ever it sends a keystroke to the computer, that i then can tel Centrafuse or what ever front end u guys use that this keystroke corresponds this function on the frontend. Now for the harder part, of my question. can we get audio to run threw the USB as well. Then we have True Digital audio going to our stock radio's. And no i am not looking at the CAR2PC device that isn't gonna work for this setup. just a strait male to male usb cable one from the computer to the stock USB port on the radio.

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    I don't think it can be done. Does an iPod connect to the USB port, or does it use an iPod cable? I would be surprised if it controlled the iPod through USB, they usually use a separate iPod cable with a line-out and a serial port.

    The USB port is there for a Mass-Storage device only, so the best the computer could do is emulate a USB-flash device with the contents of the HDD (or a specific folder) on it. Even that would be very hard.

    Now if it really did control the iPod and play its audio all though a standard USB-to-iPod cable, then it is technically possible, but making a computers USB-Host emulate an iPod-USB-Device would also be very very hard.

    On the other hand, making a cable that connects an iPod cable to your analog audio-out and a serial port is much easier. Mitch JS sells a cable for controlling an iPod using a PC. If you just had a female-to-female iPod-connector you could use his cable, but you would still need to write all the software to emulate an iPod's serial port (rather then control an iPod via the serial port).


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      What he said.

      You can't connect two USB hosts. You'd need to have two USB slaves that sort of talk to eachother. It'd be a rough hardware to develop. If you just want the serial commands (next track, previous, etc) that would be easy.
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        yea that woudl be cool i mean i woudl like to just get the steering wheel controls to work with the PC and maybe get the audio to output threw that usb port as well. cause yes that USB port is what i use to play music eiather threw a usb stick filled with MP3's or i get a usb to ipod cable and plug my ipod into that port and it controls plays audio and even shows the song title and all that on my stock radio. all threw that one USB port.