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I need a programmer for my home automation project

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  • I need a programmer for my home automation project

    Hi guys

    I need a programmer for my home automation project.

    I will be using fusion brain and/or similar product

    I'm posting the description of the project.

    If you have any questions or comments please feel free to do so.

    Tell me what you think about how possible this is and make me fair offers please.

    I just wrote down how I imagine this system to work. Hope that you understand what Im trying to get to words.
    The system is with 10 zones and as many fusion brain needed (Better more than less for additional options) Maybe is the best if you tell me how many is the best and whether its better the V4 or V6 for this project. Im planning to buying everything what I can use from the Store at unless you know a better place to buy from

    Each zone will have following
    Touch screen with the control panel (probably some usb powered lilleput screen 800x600 what all connect to the main computer )
    Lights (12v volt LED ceiling lights 3 channels each room dim control and 5additional light/gadget (on/off) buttons)
    Shades (With tilt and retract function (Still figuring that a little bit out because I dont have the shades yet. But they are motorized with tilt right/left and retract and close function so (4functions)
    Thermostat (Showing current temp and to adjust temp with a floor heating control)
    Photosensors to be economical with light useage and to save electricity when more bright outside than inside.
    Motion sensors activate lighting and turn off X minutes after no movement.
    Auto/Manual mode button
    Gate button (A pulse button since there is only one button to the gate)

    The zones are following
    1. Bathroom 1st floor
    2. Bathroom 2nd floor
    3. Entrance/Living
    4. Kitchen
    5. Garage
    6. Hallway 2nd floor
    7. Room 1
    8. Room 2
    9. Room 3
    10. Room 4
    11. Technical room where the computer is are no controls for the room itself but in that computer I need to be able to control all zones (this skin needs to be accessible via wifi tablet pc with windows so its possible to control everything from the tablet pc)

    The light function
    The idea itself is based on energy saving and since I will connect solar and wind power to the house the most acceptable voltage is 12v Dc. But I have 220v as well but not used for the automation part unless via relay only to trigger a 220v application.
    AUTO/MANUAL mode button for each room and also one master AUTO button in the entrance/living screen.
    The AUTO mode is thought to compare the light between the shades and the window and the light inside the room. One photo sensor is to the window and one is inside the room. This applies as well to the thermometer. The idea is to use the light/heat from outside and to save lighting/heat blocking if not needed. I need to be able to input a certain amount of light (LUX or whatever is comfortable to use) to define what 100% lighting is. And to have the lights adjustable with 0-20%-40%-60%-80%-100% power. For an example if the screen is in AUTO mode and the 100% light would be 500LUX and I would choose 40% light. The program would check if there would be greater light outside than inside and tilt the shades to reach the 40% light amount required (40% off 500LUX) and turn off the lights. When its darker outside its just applying to reach 40% LUX level.
    In the temperature section it is as well to see if there is hotter between the shades and inside of the room and then to open the shades for the heat to come in. The inside temp sensor is used to control a Solenoid valve what is normally closed but when needed more heat in the room it initiates (relay on/off) the valve and activates the heat in the floor.(this valve is 12v)

    What Im planning to use for this is following.


    Fusion Brain Version 6 (or version 4) 7-10pcs

    10pack of 25A Relays 10pcs

    Ultrasonic Distance Sensor 10pcs

    Photosensor 20pcs

    Thermometer 20pcs

    Lilliput 7 Inch USB Powered WVGA Touch Screen UM-70/C/T Monitor

    MOSFET Power Output Board 30 pcs