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    Hey everyone,
    Im just getting back into the swing of this and have decided to bite the bullet and build up a carPC. What Im looking at using is one of the BeagleBoards which has Ångström Linux (which ive never used linux before) or Ubuntu and want to create a front end using a program with basic things including media player, diagnostics etc and also integrate voice recognition with a few basic commands. I just want thoughts on which program you guys recommend using to compile a program front end for a carPC. Ive done a bit of visual Basic when I was back in high school (i think it was visual basic 98 or something like that :P) and have used Game Maker language which is apparently C++ or something similar. Ive searched around and heard that also HTML5 is fairly simple to use too.

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    Hi Warmachine87 you might want to have a look at this forum post, it is mostly about what you plan on doing SNO


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      Yeah mate, ive been following that thread for a couple of days now, and another one that some lad that knew a bit of java which he was going to use to build his front end. Ive heard that java can be a bit slow depending on how you program it I spose. Ive looked into NetBeans IDE or Java SDK to create one. Anyone have any thoughts? Im only doing this in my spare time and have next week off work so will give me something to learn a bit of java then.


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        I think im going to go with NetBeans SDK along with the JavaFX Scene Builder which looks like it has quite a lot of support and praise. Has anyone worked with it before?


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          Good luck and I look forward to your efforts using java. I think it's a good move to develope a front-end based on java. Would solve the multi-platform issue. SNO