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Questions about Destinator 3 SDK and VB6

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  • Questions about Destinator 3 SDK and VB6

    Hi all!

    I am writing a frontend with VB6 and Destinator 3 SDK and I have the following questions:

    1) Has anyone experienced problems using both the Windows Media Player 9 SDK and Destinator 3 SDK? I have a form in my application to control Media Player and when the WMP object initializes, the Dest object (the destinator window is embedded in my app) stops moving the map. Everything seems to work fine with the code (no run-time errors) but the map is not moving, it just rotates to the correct direction.

    2) I am trying to use the Address dialog of Dest while it is embedded in my App and I cannot pass text in its textbox (I am trying to create my own OSK with Greek characters). The problem is that although I open the dialog, I cannot focus in it as seen in MapMonkey and FreeDrive. I tried the Appactivate VB Function but since the window is embedded in my app, Appactivate cannot find the correct window and set the focus on it. Any suggestions?

    3) Has anyone experienced incorrect Lat and Lon return when calling the GetCoordinatesFromAddress function of Dest 3 SDK with a city name that uses parenthesis? Example:

    dim MyDest as Dest
    set MyDest = new Dest
    dim MyPoint as DestPoint
    set MyPoint = MyDest.DestPointCreate

    MyDest.parentwindow = form1.hwnd

    ' *** Assign a greek city with parenthesis in its name ***
    MyPoint.City="Assos (Korinthias)"
    MyDest.GetCoordinatesFromAddress MyPoint

    ' *** Show the desired position in map ***
    MyDest.ShowDesiredPosition MyPoint

    The ShowDesiredPosition function does not show the correct area in the map. If I try to do it through the Address dialog box of destinator, it works OK.

    Many Thanx!

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    Hi m8, sorry would of answered sooner if I had seen it

    1. Non moving of map

    Unsure on this, but it may have something to do with this line
    MyDest.parentwindow = form1.hwnd

    Try putting a picture on your form1 and then using something like
    SetParent MyDest.GetDestinatorWindowHandle , Picture1.Hwdn

    This will then embedd it in the picture, which is in your form. You can then use something like
    SetWindowPos MyDest.GetDestinatorWindowHandle, 0, -3, -3, Picture1.Width + 6, Picture1.Height + 40, 0
    This will get rid of the bottom bit of the D3 map and the boarder.

    2. On calling the Address dialog, it creates a new window which its parent is the desktop, so you need to find the handle of this windows and then use the sendkeys command to send your osk keypresses to it.

    3. This is one of the problems with the D3 SDK, I tried many times to sort this problem out and it also seems tied to the maps and the versions they are. I decided in the end just to used the dialog and long / lat points.

    hope this info helps you


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      Hi Cdr, thanks for your response!

      Regarding the Dest, with Media player integration, I've decided to use WinAMP with it's SDK, so everything works fine now with MP3.

      Regarding the Address Dialog issue:
      Correct me if I'm wrong, I understood that I have to pass characters to the desktop handle after I've opened the address dialog... is that correct?

      Regarding the parenthesis issue... I'm trying to setup Destinator SDK 5. I hope that this one solves the problem!

      Thanx once again!


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        Destinator SDK 5 for Desktop

        I am trying to use Destinator SDK 5 , on to a Desktop application.
        I am using frontend(s) like Delphi/C# windows applications.
        Imported the COM in to Delphi/C# and when I use the Destinator function

        Mydesti.CreateDestinarotWindowEx(Form1.handle,F_DE FAULT);

        The Destinatorwindow hangs for a while and then dissaperas.

        any one has the solution for this?



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          I've experienced the same with the first version of Powerloc's SDK 5 when my system was running Windows XP with SP2. I made a clean install with Windows XP SP1 (without Office and other apps) and it worked but I am not quite sure if that's the case!