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  • VB6 & WMP10.DLL

    Hey All,

    I am coding some software for a small community. I want to use the WMP10 visulations so that when a song is playing they can see a visiulation in full screen.

    Anyone know how to do this or any source out there for this.

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    I was in the process of making dedicated MP3/WMA player, with larger buttons, but I could never get information on the Media player visualisations.

    One person recommended that I stick to WMP9, because its much easier to develop with and only misses 2 functions WMP10 has..

    However if you do come across any decent information let me know, i'll see if I can find the post from the vb forum about the vis.




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      I'm not sure that I completely understand what you are trying to do but I'll tell you what I've done and maybe that will help you.

      I have been playing around with embedding Media Player 10 for use in a car pc front end. I have written a VB6 application that essentially uses WMP10 as the media player for DVDs, CDs, Web casts, mp3 etc. My reasoning was "Why use different players (like Winamp) that do not play all the formats that I want to play?". So I chose WMP10 as it's free and can be controlled from VB6.

      I have a simple VB6 application that can be controlled from external applications by accepting keystrokes. It's simple but appears to work. I have not had the time to complete it but the basics are there. Obviously it uses WMP10 as the media player which then allows the visualisations to show (either invisible, full screen or windowed). The application uses a few ".ini" configuration files to control how the player runs and what media files to play.

      If you have any (basic) questions on how to do a similar thing then I'd be happy to help out. I may even be persuaded to email you some source code if you ask very nicely.

      cool dude


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        The problem of wmp10 is not complete access to all player function, like eq and visualizzation in vb6. I've used fmod.dll and I'm building a player around that.


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          I don't see what all the fuss is about visualisations anyway. Whilst I do like to have the option to see them, I see no reason (for my use) to control them or change them through a carpc front end. Once you've set your preferred visualisation in Windows Media Player 10 (or select a random one) then it will play each time my control is used. I find that the only screen control that I need (other than it's positioning) is whether the media window is visible or not when playing media. If it is visible and playing music then the visualisation will show, simple.

          Like I said before, the main reason I am using WMP10 is so that I can play all the media files that I need to in one player. As usual, there are compromises to be made when selecting a "Jack of all trades, master of none." approach.

          I have no real use for an equalizer on a carpc as those settings are usually a set once and forget kind of thing.


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            I believe that if you only need a program that use the base functions of WMP10 you can use WMP10 without writing a frontend to manage him