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  • Sorry for asking....(2)

    Ok got the app working this far:

    It does the usual password entry stuff, 3 tries your out for a minute, then it waits 10 minutes every time you get it wrong.

    usual 3*4 button arrangement (123,456,*0#)

    Now I have started to make it skinnable.

    Problem is the buttons, by default if no skin is found it just sets gray background 100% of screen size, buttons arranged to fit screen, all fits nice and looks boring.

    So, I have 2 options

    option 1 is to have a bitmap for every button and load it and its a set size, not ideal, but maybe able to make it size button to fit each image if I can work out how to check the size of the incoming image.

    Option2 Frodoplayer style skin, 1 jpg for up, 1 jpg for down, and an ini file to say where the buttons are

    I like 2, but dont know how to make the buttons work that way, or even if buttons are used and not frames / boxes etc

    I want to finish this tonight and put it up, it will be my first carpc prog even if a little useless!
    Lez, more widely known as flez1966

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    Hey Lez,

    I think you're working in VB5 which I haven't done, however if it helps at all you can do this type of thing in VB6 with the PictureClip control

    As I say not sure if its in Vb5 but;en-us;q181854
    this kinda indicates to me that it is...meh might be a jump off point for you.

    Sorry bit late replying - don't look in this section usually! Perhaps I should start.

    M10K, Lilli 7", 512MB, 80Gb HD, slim CD-RW/DVD Combi, nLite Win XP, CentraFuse.

    Planned for years, built for ages, tested for a while, almost installed, never gonna be perfect...


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      No great tip thanks, when I next get a vb playing evening I google for some bits of code on that.

      In panic at moment with no time for software / designs / etc MOT due tomorro!
      Lez, more widely known as flez1966


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        If you go with option two, just set the form's background image to the skin file. then after reading the locations of the buttons from the INI file, place an image control there with NO IMAGE set to it. This will create an invisible, clickable control. I used to do that for MP3 players way back when. Of course, that was in the VB4 days. Not sure if 5 and 6 will handle it the same way.


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          Yup got you on that one, but I need to show the 'button pressed' image where the blank image control is, so that when its clicked, the button changes to show its clicked.

          thats the bit I never worked out.
          Lez, more widely known as flez1966