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VB.NET Help?!? DVD Player Components?

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  • VB.NET Help?!? DVD Player Components?

    Hello everyone...
    The past week I've started my own "Front End" carputer project. Everythings going well so far ... I have most of the GUI work done and minor programming stuff. I'm now looking to work on the core utils for it (music, video, dvd). And I find myself stuck...
    I can't find one DVD Player component anywhere!
    Am I litterally blind? Can anyone recommend an already written component for me or have you all written your own dvd players from scratch?
    Ive only found one component for VB but it's VB6 and is not compatable with .NET.

    Please help out ... I've been searching for hours.
    Thanks so much!

    In another wk or so I hope to have screenshots/etc ... So far things have been moving quickly ... I don't think music playback should be a problem ... however GPS is another story.
    If all goes well, hopefully I'll convert to C++ instead of VB. Im just being semi-lazy I guess.

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    ahh haaa ... I didn't even think about using the DirectX SDK ... Im guessing Ill be using DirectShow?

    If anyone has any tips or pointers ... that would be amazing! Thanks!


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      Oh my Oh my ... Ive been up for like 7 hrs reading the MSDN Libraries on DirectShow ... I finally got the dvd player working now! Anyway ... Sorry for all the posts. It turned out not to be too bad at all. Anyway, as soon as screen shots are worth posting Ill upload em.


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        I know it's probably a day late and a dollar short, but the easiest way to support DVD is through a WMP Plug In. I think WinDVD has one, you basically install the plug in, get it working through WMP, then you can access it via the WMP SDK methods. It's pretty easy, if you found an alternative though please post up, because I've been wanting to ditch WMP all together, and I have alternatives for the MP3 side but nothing for the DVD side.


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          good luck with your app :]

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            Try the MS TV Video Control. Its a COM control but its the best i've found so far. I think the DirectX 9 SDK installs it. If you need documentation, take a look in MSDN. There is also the MSWebDVD control, but this is intended for VB Scripting only and is therefore more limited.

            You'll notice the MS TV Video Control is intended for use with TV Tuner Cards, but it can be used for anything that utilizes DirectShow, which includes DVD playback.

            Ive found the WMP DVD playback to be unreliable in the past, so I use this which even seems to play DVD's that WMP struggles with (eg. The Matrix).


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              lbk are you saying that I can use WMP plugins in my apllication through WMP SDK? So can I use ripping and burnning for CD's that way?



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                Actually there is a Windows Media Player COM object that is very easy to use for playing music and DVDs.
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