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  • avic d1 software sdk

    does anyone know if there's a software development kit for the avic d1? i want to change the interface for sirius. xm gets substantial preference with this head unit, it gets pics of the channel and a better user interface. with sirius basically you get an up and down selection with 6 presets you need to memorize in order to use them; it doesn't even have a channel number to find out where you are on the "dial". the cheap $75 sirius add on units are better than the interface for this head unit. but, i want to design my own interface, and was wondering if anyone knew if there was any way to do so. i have programming experience and didn't know if there is a standard that pioneer used for this head unit.

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    Have you asked Pioneer?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      its a pretty sweet hu, ive got one myself. but i didnt go the sat radio way b/c ive seen xm, and the channel selection pretty much blows unless you like underground rap and country music....


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        Finally someone else. I have the same concern but sorry to say no answer yet. Lets keep in touch to figure this out! I use sirius all the time on my D1 and the interface is lame. Even the regular radio stores presets as the station they are, not 1,2,3 ect. why ??