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XM Direct Protocol ?

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  • XM Direct Protocol ?

    First, I have searched, but I cannot find a source that describes how the commands are sent and data is received from the XM Direct device. I have one and it works with Road Runner, but I would like to find an uptodate listing of how the communications work so that I could do some programming. I looked at the Road runner source, but there is a tremendous amount of code in that app. My hat is off to anyone who can manage all of that.

    Anyone have a writeup, or some VB code that only covers this area?

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    It's a series of bits that you send to the serial port.

    For example, "5A, A5, 00, 05, 00, 10, 10, 01, ED, ED " will power the unit up.

    I did a Google on "XM Direct Protocol" and got the following link:
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      Thanks for the info Bugbyte, but I'm pretty sure that I have been there before and the link to the document is still dead.
      BTW I have spent a lot of time searching thru a lot of subjects since I signed up a couple of weeks ago, but because there is so much, it get very fustrating at times.



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        I have that PDF somewhere. I'll start some full scale searches on my HDD's an post it up if I find it

        Edit: Geez....didn't think i'd find it that quick LOL
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          Thanks, that was exactly what I was looking for! This and the other info you provided should get me going. I've got a lot of learning to do still, but think I should be able to put my system together, since it will not be as full feartured as many of the ones I've seen.



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            XM Protocol

            Could someone post some sample VB code using the xm protocol info? I'm new to working with serial data. It's not entirely clear from looking at the pdf how to send the info.


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              Your best bet is to check the open source projects on or the roadrunner source code..
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