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HQCT Source Code for C#?

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  • HQCT Source Code for C#?

    Hello Guys!

    I try my luck in this thread...
    I'm developing in C# with .Net and i want to buy the High Quality Car Tuner, but there is only a Delphi Source Code available.

    Is it possible to create a .Net usable Library, i don't know nothing about delphi or how to convert the source code if it is possible

    Has anybody an idea?

    Thanks in advance


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    Oh man, 20 views and there's no reply...


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      I've done a bit of converting delphi to vb and java and it isn't too tricky but would be quite a lot of work. I don't have time myself but it certainly should be possible.


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        First at all, thanks for the answer...

        my problem is, that I know nothing about delphi, i tried to download the Borland Delphi Studio Trial 2006 but the installation works only with .Net 1.1, but I'm working with .Net 2.0...

        Has anybody a free delphi -> c# converter? I found something in the web, but there too expansive for me(i need it only once)



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          why not just compile the delphi source code and wrap it in .Net using p/invoke? That would probably make things a hundred times easier.


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            zzachattack2 you're right...but how without a delphi compiler?

            ...and further i've no time to get involved in "HOW TO WORK WITH DELPHI"

            i got now Borland Delphi Studio 2005 Trial successfuly to work (this stupid IDE doesn't work with .NET 2.0 ) an now i got error's...this sucks!


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              i just got my HQCT yesterday. Unfortunately I'm gone for the rest of this week (get back late sunday). I plan on checking out the Delphi and other info to see about writing a .NET library but with all the stuff I have going on right now it may take a couple weeks.
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                that's the point...i want to buy this tuner only if i can access it through .NET...
                but i'm not giving up...

                This tool would make my life(and for someone other) easier:


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                  Key thing is, you just need to learn how to read Delphi. Translating the code is not too difficult yet time consuming. I'd first lay out how the objects interact with each other. Then translate the desparte objects first, that will make the process a bit simpler.
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