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  • CentraFuse Bluetooth Phone Remote

    alright, i know a bit of java and i am going to *try* (and most likely fail) at making a bluetooth remote control for centrafuse.

    so, before i fail horribly at coding a remote.... is there one already avalible? and how hard is it to code a remote control program using bluetooth (i;ve never coded anything other than programs that run on the same computer)

    i think i hve two choices for it...
    1) jsut a remote program which connects to centrafuse directly (much better and more efficent


    2) run a secondary program/service which would process the remotes commands and then run a script (i.e. change the song, increase the volume, etc) and have the bluetooth remote connect to that)

    i think i am going to go with option two for now... also, does anyone know of any good bluetooth programming guides? i have no idea how to program something for bluetooth nor much about bluetooth in general
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    Depending on what phone you have and whether or not you're using PhoneControl (the phone module integrated in CF) you already have this option. This feature is mentioned in detail here:
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