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USB IR only recognized as Keyboard

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  • USB IR only recognized as Keyboard

    I have a had a generic USB IR device for a while now

    It works fine and Girder see's it, however only as a "Keyboard" in the remote wizard. I have my SWC's hooked up to a PAC SWI-X and the PAC transmits via IR to the USB IR receiver. I tried loading the USB UIRT plugin in girder 4.0 and it keeps saying "Error occurred while trying to load". I have downloaded other plugins etc.. and nothing works.

    The problem is that even with girder disabled and closed, windows detects the signal from my SWC's and controls the master volume in values of 4%. Can I disable windows from using the signal at all? Are there drivers for USB UIRTS so windows see's them as they should be and not HID Keyboards? I use RR and would like to have Girder send the volume commands to RR rather than it getting done behind the scenes by windows without me having any control over it.