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  • Girder remote problem

    Hi! I have been reading the forum for almost 6 months today and this is my 1st post.
    Not to take your time: I have a big PROBLEM with girder that I couldnt find a solution even after ing.

    I am preparing a laptop based system for my carputer setup and planning to use a serial IR receiver (over a usb to serial port adapter) as an input device. I set up everything but I receive different command values from the same key of the remote each time I press which disables me from benefiting girder.

    I would be very happy to receive some fresh ideas since I'm stuck.


    Note: I ve tried the receiver, remote and my girder setting on another pc and they all wok well.
    Upgraded to a Civic lately and just started construction...

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    No idea??
    Upgraded to a Civic lately and just started construction...


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      Did you try a different remote?
      My Alpine remote (dual function Audio and Video with selector switch) has the same problem. One key could have 3 to 4 different codes. The Sony remote only has one code for each key (unless different function TV/VCR/DVD is selected).

      What I did to get my Alpine to work with Girder is that record all codes for that key.
      For example: Play button, there are 3 different EventStrings one for each code that the play button generate. FF button has 2 EventStrings, but FR has 4.
      This remote control doesn't work with WinLIRC driver. Use Igor driver instead.
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        Yes I have tried many remotes and the result is the same. If different codes were 3 or 4 I could do the same but it is more than that.

        Thanks for the idea by the way
        Upgraded to a Civic lately and just started construction...


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          I know this is an old topic, but I'm having the same issue. I've tryed 3 diff. remotes and there all doing the samething. If I hit the "play" button on my remote it will send a "000" code. Girder learns that code "000" is for "Play", but the next time I hit the play button it will send a diff. codes like 877, 001, 0BB, 0EA and so on. And it's the same thing for all of the buttons on the remote. Any ideas?


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            I did a fair amount of research into the whole IR control of computers and the overall view from these people is to use a different remote. I believe one program makes you press the key up to 8 times and tries to decode the protocol that they use. I used that once and it worked wonderfully, I can't remember what it is (it might even just be Girder!) but if you're not using it, make sure to look it up.
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              Nevermind, I think I got it! I think was all because th IR wasn't getting good signal. If I hold the remote closer to it, it sends the same signal. Thanks for your help!!!!