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  • X-10 Pc Remote

    I going to get a X-10 remote like this one pretty soon. I know that you use Girder to interface the remote and the PC together. The question is 1.)does anyone know if this remote comes with Girder since it says powered by Girder and 2.)How would can I get this remote to work with the various interfaces (havent chosen an interface yet)?
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    Why don't you get the X10 Lola remote instead? It's RF based, uses a USB interface to PC, and can run with the ATI Remote Wonder drivers (meaning anything that supports the RW can use the Lola).


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      that looks almost like the one I have. Mine is a CarPlayer media remote. The only differance I see in the 2 is that mine has different lables printer for each key. that new one has an A,B,C,D key and mine has, "Misic","Video","GPS", and "Exit" I like mine really well and it works with MediaEngine. (they built in support for it.) The problem is I can't find it anywhere now. I do know that has closed and has moved on. the other problem I am having is that I want this one to work with Centrafuse but I can't get full function out of it. I can get most of the butons to work and the bottom "Channel" and "Volume" are flipped. I am going to keep working on this though so hopfully one day I will find a fix for it.
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