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whats up with this girder thing?

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  • whats up with this girder thing?

    I figure I can control the PC using an old USB joystick (already taken apart), map the buttons to the keyboard, and go from there.

    first problem. four pot's used for axis control. I can map those to the mouse easy. But I use a touch screen, and I dont want ot screw with that. besides, once its a mouse, how does that help me? I still cant do volume control, or any other potential function.

    So I have no idea how to integrate the pots into the system.

    second problem. the mapping software I understand is total garbage. Ive been hearing all abotu this girder thing, so I installed it. I cant figure the program out. I try to load my joystick, but it wont recognize keypresses.

    thats about as far as ive been able to get.

    is there an easier way to integrate the pots, or should I just junk them and run just the buttons?

    pots useless?