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Use girder to control hu from pc

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  • Use girder to control hu from pc

    Has anyone successfully used girder to control a headunit (such as selecting source, or selecting presets for fm tuner) from their pc? My hu isn't accessable from the drivers seat and want to use the pc to change radio stations, etc.
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    The next question is... since the remote for my HU doesn't have direct preset selection, has anyone figured out brand-specific IR codes to do this, and is there a site that lists some for a Pioneer? The only one I can think of is Remote Central, but they didn't have any for my Pioneer DEH-P5800MP.

    I want to determine how to send IR codes to my HU to select specific FM radio station presets.
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      Complete integration hu-carputer

      I've got the same problem with the same hu (pioneer) installed under the passenger seat. I use it for the radio tuning and amp.
      I control it trought the IR controller.
      I like the RDS utility, so there's some way to solve the problem:
      1. Make an extension cable for the front display, put it on the dash and go on controlling it via IR (the first choice);
      2. Make an extension for the IR receiver, going on controlling via IR, but loosing RDS information..'s difficult to see under passenger seat during driving (the hard choice);
      3. Reverse hacking the protocol used from the frontal display to pilot hu and write a code of a program which emulates display receiving info from hu and has a skin or a IR receiver which lets me control hu (the impossible one)!
      Does anybody know if there is a 4° option or is able to implement the 3° one?
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