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  • Meedio Configuration Forum in a Thread :)

    As much as I admire the work being performed by others in developing applications to act as CarPC frontends, there just isn't something that meets my exact needs.

    As as much as I'm relying on those generously provided applications at the moment, I'm slowly building up a Meedio installation that meets my levels of sophistication and simplicity, and I suspect that I'm not the only one.

    This thread is designed for like minded souls to contribute resources, tips and tricks in configuring a Meedio or myHTPC installation to meet their CarPC needs.

    If you wish to start a discussion, please take it to a new thread and hyperlink to this thread - my hope is that this thread will become a resource for all Meedio users. I'll be seeking to have this thread moderated to maintain the purity as a resource (catch that Frodo? ).

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    Originally posted by C4M
    (catch that Frodo? ).
    Ask nicely

    Anyway, I will moderate this thread. We will post only FAQ type answers here.
    Please have discussions elsewhere, and solutions only here.
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      Solutions eh?
      Ok, here we go:

      To use PhoneControl.NET with Meedio alter tag <MediaPlayer> in your PhoneCtl.Config.xml and set it to Meedio
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        In the video screen - to see the controls...Go to

        Meedio Configuration>Full-time Plug-ins>Video Screen and check 'Show Controls'

        If you want a button that changes the aspect ratio of the video..

        Edit Plugins\General\VideoScreen\OSD.screen

        At the top in the <actions> list add

        <action name="switch-display" global="true">
        <state name="switch-display" caption="Mode" message="video.switch-display-mode" />

        and further down, search for
        <action name="dvd-screen" command="" auto="" />
        and replace with
        <action name="switch-display" command="" auto="" />

        Then save the file, with the same name, into the folder of the theme you are using. Leave the original file as was.

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          Any particular themes you guys are using for meedio? I have recently started using this on my development carpc (which means its not in the car yet) and I like it so far. The closest thing I have found to a touch friendly theme is the HDeeTV theme. I am new to meedio so I am not sure if there are better options out there.
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            im looking to use meedio also. i use it at home... cant wait to get my carputer built it will be here this week.... so i will get the os loaded and such soon after that. i mainly want to use the carputer like i do at home.... only as a external source to my main system.... not as a replacement to my alpine head unit (or denon receiver at home).

            my main use for it will be... GPS and Music.

            for music... i will use the JRMC plugin. i love that program and the reason i went with meedio in the firstplace was that there was a pluging for JRMC.

            for GPS... i want to do 2 things.... im not sure how i will achieve it though.
            1)i want to be able to do driving directions. the Delorme software i have no isnt very good with driving directions. i am looking towards D3.

            2) i do a fair bit of backcountry driving... so i want to be able to use topo maps. i know delorme has them.... just not sure how to integrate them.

            down the road adding stuff like phone interface and such would be nice... but right off the bat... just music and gps.

            my main problem... im not a developer.... i dont know how to do a plugin.. or a theme. at home i use the PBox theme... i like the way it looks and runs. we will see if it works on a small screen

            lets try and bump this thread


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              Cool glad to see someone else will be using it. It definately has a ton of features and a ton of plugins. You can do anything with it. I am surprised there isn't a bigger carpc following with it. I think if more people here knew about it they would use it.
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                are we gonna try to fix the meedio as carpc solution or what???
                i have resent found a plug-in to use with meedio and mapmokey ......
                is there any native solution for phone live tv (bt878) and live radio?????
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                  Phone: Yes.
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                    dj_thomasD: Meedio supports Live TV & radio with EPG
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                      so i have my meedio install up and running. i think its great.

                      i am running meedio 1.29 with a theme called meellow. its a free theme that has a nice interface for touchscreens. it is very readable... and since its meedio.. you can configure damn near any way you want. i use blue icons on a black background. i dont have this in the truck yet... but i think it will be very readable.

                      on my main screen... i have 6 buttons.


                      each of those screens has sub menus.. with a back button.

                      ex.. on music i have:
                      library (mp3s on hd)
                      radio (runs a plugin for usb radio programs)
                      cd player
                      back (takes you up one menu)

                      on the gps
                      navigate (coplilot coming soon)
                      topo (topo maps from delorme)
                      maps (street atlas 2005)
                      back (takes you up one menu)

                      each of these buttons launches the program to its own external window.
                      i want to try to launch internal... but dont really think that is a must have

                      anyway... very cool.. and easy to setup. also very stable... and i use meedio at home... so i like the interface.

                      oh. another part i like... on the shutdown menu.. it has a sub menu
                      exit (exits front end and return s to windows)
                      reboot (reboots system and meedio restarts)
                      shutdown (shuts down the system)
                      back (takes you up one menu)


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                        K, I am using Meedio for the carputer as well. I am still trying to customize it for perfect car usage.
                        Things to work on as a community:
                        1. One thing we need is a custom car skin. Yes .. Meelow is okay, but not quite as effective as it should be. For car usage we need big buttons and the least amount of clicks to get something accomplished.
                        2. An internal GPS module to work with the Destinator SDK (that's easy and looks great)
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                          laidback already has a plugin for destinator/meedio. also phone control is integrated for meedio too

                          i agree the buttons could be bigger. i do think that the amount of clicking for my setup is minimal though. i only have have one additional menu level over centrafuse for example.

                          in the frontends here.. there is a seperate button for mp3 and radio. i have just put that into a second level menu under "music". the main reason i did that was because i wanted different options for navigation as i described earlier. i have an info button at the top level... it gets to a second menu for weather/news/web. the final level is the actual information. the back button makes it easy to go back up a level. also.. meedio seems much faster doing this than other programs here.

                          i felt it really consolidated the look of the system when i open it. granted.. i dont have this in the truck yet... so my config theory may prove to be wrong.

                          i do really like the overall looks of the front ends here.... but the ease of setup and future expansion with meedio... makes it a tough call. i played with the theme designer for meedio a bit.... i think it warrants a bit more time to play with it. but for now.. im happy with meellow. i am all for exploring a more custom interface with you guys as a community though.


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                            Originally posted by chrislloyd
                            laidback already has a plugin for destinator/meedio.
                            Local boy does? That draw my attention. What? Where? How? (isnt this a perfect post for "FAQ" thread?)


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                              Originally posted by LagunaICE
                              Local boy does? That draw my attention. What? Where? How? (isnt this a perfect post for "FAQ" thread?)
                              laidback... scroll up... he has a link to his website. it has a link for d3/meedio. atleast thats the way i read it.