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    So anybody trying out windows xp media center? I'm still trying to get my hands on a copy of it.. kinda hard since it only comes preinstalled on mce computers. MS doesn't even sell it seperately .. can't figure out how to download from those mirc sites either.. kazza doesn't have it ever.. bah!

    Anybody know??


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    MCE requires very specific hardware. It's not designed to be generic, so only a few mpeg encoder cards work. It also requires a high end 3d card.

    I think it is actually included on the SP1 cd. (not confirmed). It's just an add-on to XP. You'll also need a MCE specific Product Key to install.


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      How well do you think it would run on an Epia 1ghz with 512mb DDR?


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        the hardware is specialized, for example, the tv tuner needed is only made by two companies (basically has hardware decoding)

        just use some other program, if you like the MCE gui use myHTPC instead
        intentionally left blank


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          Whatever XP runs on... Windows MCE will run on. It is literally XP + a MediaCenter applications, that does the music and tv, etc. If you want it for Movies+Music, it will run fine.


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            Yes in theory it should run on about any hardware. In practice though, it is incredibly hard to get working. You must have one of two supported PVR cards. Even with known compatible hardware, it is difficult to get all of the correct drivers installed in the proper order.

            In addition to the drivers, you must install various QFE patches, in the correct order, for it to work.

            If you really want to run it, feel free to try. Just be warned that your likely in for hours of tweaking software and drivers.


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              I' recently god a copy of MCE and installed it with no problem at all (except my hard drive not being support by my motherboard, which is all good now ). Anyhow i've been setting it up and copying all my stuff to the PC and was wondering if anybody has actually used MCE in a car enviroment yet? I can imagine it being quite good I can't wait untill my opus psu turns up
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