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Where To Put DVD Decoder?

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  • Where To Put DVD Decoder?

    I downloaded NVidia DVD Decoder and it came with its own front end called NVDVD which looks kinda nice, but I dont like its layout, its made strictly for touch screen users since I cannot find my mouse in it...but thats not the point, I downloaded the DVD Decoder for Media Center 2005. I did have it using the Power DVD Decoder, but I uninstalled Power DVD and it requires an external DVD decoder, I installed the decoder, but Media Center doesn't see its there.
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    I couldnt really understand your post completely but this info might help.

    Media Player doesnt come with a DVD decoder. Once an encoder is intalled however mediaplayer can then play DVD's.

    My thinking is that the encoder you installed either wasn't an encoder it just interacted with an encoder or its installed incorrectly.
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      Maybe you could try Decoder Checkup from Microsoft to see what codecs are available and supported by MCE plus be able to set a certain codec as prefered one.

      You can get it right here .
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