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Sandisk fixed disk utility

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  • Sandisk fixed disk utility

    I've tried calling sandisk, but unfortunately, they no longer support this tool. So i'm wondering if anybody could mail me a copy of it?

    michaelergud at

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    SanDisk will not allow distribution of the utility. My company originally signed an NDA for it.. at this point if you don't already have one, you might as well go with a different brand. I suggest Transcend CF cards. They have regular 45x, 80, 120x Fixed Disk DMA CF cards (they can be found just about anywhere 4GB for ~$55 nowadays) or if you would like higher speeds, the Industrial CF Fixed Disk UDMA4 (this one costs more, approximately $90 for a 2GB, not many resellers carry them so you might need to purchase from the transcend online store).

    SanDisk is not the only nor the first carrier of UDMA4 CF cards.