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Media drive on EWF system

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  • Media drive on EWF system

    When using EWF to protect a CF card, do you choose which drive you are protecting? If you have a seperate hard drive for media can you still save to that normally or do you have to type in the commands to disable EWF?

    I ask because I want to use centrafuse so if I add music to my hard drive (media drive) do I need to include the commands to disable EWF or no? I don't want to write unneccessarily to my CF drive but still want to be able to update media easily and within centrafuse + be able to save playlists.



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    The XPe based I built for my work I have the D: drive unlocked for user profiles, temp drive and application installs. Not sure if using ewf on a XP would be any different, but I dont think so.

    You are able to only lock a single drive or all the drives, just change the commands pramaters.

    the ewf commands are: ewfmgr <drive-letter> -enable
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