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OS options for mediagate

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  • OS options for mediagate

    hey guys.. total noob here.

    I was looking into buying a mediagate mg35
    or another media enclosure similar to this (tvisto, etc.)

    I really enjoy all the features of these products, however, I wish there was a little more support for other formats such as Apple lossless, and DVD iso files.

    I was wondering if it is even possible to install a different OS to work with these little enclosures? preferably I'd want to install front row or backrow because of the support for apple formats, but any expansion on the little OS installed on these things would be helpful.

    note: i'm choosing this setup for the simplest AND cheapest way to support both video/iso and music. touch screen, radio, dvd receiver, tv are all unnecessary. I just want a crazy eSs video ipod in my car. if there are any other cheaper solutions please point me in the right direction. i've been researching for hours. i'd be eternally indebted.